«The reliability and durability of BRELLUM watches are part of my deeply held values»

Fundamental choices and essential actions are behind these words. Indeed, not only in the selection of partners and suppliers, the materials which are employed for the making of the components (sapphires and steel 316L, DIN 1.4435), the legendary precision of Valjoux movements « Officially Chronometer Certified » (COSC), but also the numerous quality control processes both during and after manufacture are all factors in making BRELLUM timepieces objects that you will be able to pass on to future generations.

Swiss Made and COSC certification

As a guarantee of quality and respectability, all BRELLUM watches proudly display the Swiss Made designation. This distinction is reserved for brands that comply with the requirements of Swiss federal legislation.

In addition to the Swiss Made label, each movement of a BRELLUM watch also adopts the «Certified Chronometer» certification standards (COSC). This label is only reserved for the movements of watches which successfully pass a constraining group of tests which determine the precision and stability of each movement. Validation is carried out by an independent body known as the Contrôle Officiel Suisse de Chronométrie (COSC).

Each BRELLUM watch comes with its own individual certificate of chronometry where each measurement result is recorded. Only 6% of the total Swiss watch production, as is the case with BRELLUM watches, has the designation «chronometer officially certified» inscribed on the dial.

Swiss Jura, the very cradle of watchmaking

It is in the heart of the Swiss Jura in the medieval city of Porrentruy (constructed in 1148), where the BRELLUM brand perfectly expresses the link between traditional watchmaking and new technology. We rely on ancestral know-how and modern manufacturing techniques in order that an unforgettable experience can be offered to our esteemed clientele concerning luxury high-end watchmaking.

Thousands of watchmaking craftsmen have worked in the region throughout the centuries (more than 9,000 have been recorded to date by the Watchmaking Foundation) and hundreds of watchmaking brands have also been created. The entire region has dedicated itself to this craft which has accumulated over the past centuries significant ancestral know-how.

Even up to the end of the 19th century, our watchmakers would regularly travel by train to Geneva or other large cities in Switzerland so as to meet with their clients in order to sell their creations. This type of business contact has been lost over the years in favor of a marketing system that we are all familiar with today.


It is this close proximity with those passionate about the art of beautiful watchmaking that I wish to find today through the technology of communication and particularly through the Internet site and social media.

It will enable me to market my watches directly, « from the watchmaker to the enthusiast », thus offering an affordable experience of high-end luxury watchmaking.

An adventure experienced in the comfort of one’s own living room or while on the move.