BRELLUM watches are hand-assembled with the greatest of care, in a climate-controlled and dust-free zone and distinguished by their excellent quality.

A level of excellence made possible through an unwavering and determined professional commitment at every stage of manufacturing. The strict application of thorough inspection processes ensures that every BRELLUM watch delivered to its new owner is of unquestionable quality.

Quality control step-by-step

Each BRELLUM watch undergoes very strict controls at each stage of its manufacture in order to guarantee correct function and reliability.

Before assembly, each movement is checked by an independent body, the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) which carries out an exhaustive procedure.

The movements are laboratory tested over a period of more than 15 days in accordance with the ISO 3159 standard. The measurements taken ensure precision (-4/+6 sec/day), stability and allow for precision deviations at different temperatures and in different positions. A total of 7 criteria must be respected in order to obtain the official certificate which authorizes BRELLUM to proudly inscribe the mention « Chronometer Officially Certified » on its dials.

An ultimate group of tests are carried out on our watches after assembly so as to guarantee that they are just perfect before they leave our workshop.

The precision of the movement and the amplitude of its pendulum are tested again before assembly with the help of high-performance equipment.

Brellum Watches

The water-resistance of each watch is checked after assembly during a cycle which lasts several minutes in which different pressurized conditions are recreated.

Brellum Watches

Both an aesthetic check as well as a manual verification of each of the watch’s functions is carried out before undergoing the following check.

Brellum Watches

In order to guarantee the performance of the rate duration, each watch undergoes a 46-hour verification of the operating reserve and the chronometer mode.

Brellum Watches

An ultimate operating test is done on every watch before delivery, in an automatic machine which simulates the wearing of the watch.

Brellum Watches