The Story

BRELLUM Swiss Watchmaking is an independent Swiss brand developing, producing and marketing high quality timepieces for admirers of exceptional craftsmanship.

The cradle for Jura watchmaking and ancestral know-how is located at Porrentruy which is a medieval city built in 1148. So I am proud to represent the 4th generation of Muller family watchmakers who have been succeeding one another in this craft since 1885.

I now feel that at the ripe old age of 42 (in 2016), a return to my craft-industry watchmaking roots is now an obvious evolution after studying for a watchmaking apprenticeship and with more than 25 years entirely dedicated to the acquisition of diverse skills in posts such as Product manager, Quality control manager and Production manager in world famous watchmaking companies as well as having developed hundreds of models and having produced several million Swiss watches.

BRELLUM Swiss Watchmaking was born out of a desire to offer a demanding clientele my vision of what Swiss watchmaking should look like not only for today but also in the future.

Products with timeless and durable lines, manufactured using high quality materials with reliable automatic mechanical movements, fully adorned and officially certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC).

The BRELLUM name is full of symbolism and values that are personal. The first letter of BRELLUM is also the first letter of Bonfol, my village of origin. As the Italian writer Antonio Gramsci explains, « in order to know where one is going, we must remember where we come from », a philosophy that BRELLUM adheres to. Take the example of the Duobox model which has been inspired by the past but produced with the help of modern technology.

In the name BRELLUM there is an anagram of my surname as everything in me including my values and experience blend perfectly in with the DNA of the brand.

Finally, there is a strong resemblance to the Latin word bellum which means war and one of its synonyms signifies combat. Indeed, the combat that each one of us experiences in our own way but guided by our own convictions throughout.

The brand’s logo was inspired by a strange animal in regional mythology called the Wyvern. It is a dragon like beast with wings, a bird’s body and a snake’s head which is a legendary symbol popular in storytelling. A precious stone known as a carbuncle is encrusted into the wyvern’s forehead. The stone’s symbol is discreetly found on the crown of all BRELLUM watches.